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Brianna. 21. Omaha. Nebraska. Living. The. Good. Life.

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#selfie #sillyface #bored #noshame

#selfie #noshame

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My hair is getting so long. I don’t know what to do with it. #sillyface

Tagged as: sillyface,

I admit. I take dramatic selfies when I’m bored.

I wish I was in Narnia right now, with this exact facial expression, laying down on a blanket, listening to the birds,
and the stream,
and the squirrels,
and the things. #wishiwasthere #narnia

#rain #thunderstorm #nebraska #thegoodlife

Feeling cute and silly today.

Hanging out with my best friend @kykyanne my niece Bella Jane! (at Narnia)

Bloody Mary in a frikin mason jar. Yuuuummmmm!!!! (at Old Dundee Bar & Grill)



Are you trying to kill me

THE DUCK SLIPPERS! i just cant